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Driving School was founded by Peter Kayizzi.  Initially the school began in New Jersey and has now expanded to the Northern California Area with a home base in Vacaville, California.  Peter believes in being positive with students, using safe modest cars, and promotes defensive driving and safety.   
  Raising a teenager is expensive enough.  Driving School believes in providing effective, affordable training that produces confident, safe, drivers who understand their role in maintaining safety for themselves and other passengers on the road.
We are committed to using best practices as recommended by the National Transportation and Safety Board, AAA, and Consumer Group Youth Advocates.


» We promote:
  • Roadway Awareness as being the key element to defensive driving.
  • Car Maintanance and Awareness (Your own car's safety is key to your roadway safety!)
  • Avoiding possible unexpective events (deer bolting, cyclist zipping through lanes, rain slick roads, children playing...and so on).
  • A driver is only as good as their skills, the car does not perform - the driver makes the car perform. You are only as good as your driving skills allow.
  • Importance of knowing your own and the cars limits.
» Company history
When company founder Peter Kayizzi emigrated to the United States from Uganda, it was to pursue higher education not a driving school.  After college, Mr. Kayizzi found that he had a gift for instructing others how to drive and saw a market to provide affordable effecting training to young drivers. 

As life happens, Peter grew his business to be one of the most respected in the New Jersey area.  He has been recognized for his community involvement and support.  As fate often occurs, Peter fell in love with a woman from Northern California, and Peter knew that she would never be happy in is beloved New Jersey.  He had two choices: maintain a long distance relationship, or, commit himself and rebuild his driving school in a new region.  Since Peter is now in Northern California, you now know the choice he made.

» Peter chose to be based in Vacaville for several reasons:

  • Central Location
  • Diversity of Students and Driver Needs
  • Population Values
  • Commitment to Driver Safety
» Customer testimonials:

"I had a blast practicing my road driving with Peter. At first I was nervous, but he stayed patient with me and now I passed my driver exam on the first try!" Tiffany M.
"I had Peter as my driving instructor when he was working for a different driving school. I lucked out when I got Peter. Now I tell all my friends to use Peter. He makes a driver feel comfortable behind the wheel. I needed extra hours in the mountains to learn how to handle those road way conditions. I'm glad Peter opened his own Driving School here in Vacaville, because now I'm getting the training for Snow and Ice and soon I'll be driving to the slopes on my own. Thanks Peter!" Jason K.

our pricing

  • Under 18
  • $180.00 for a Two Hour Lesson

  • Adults
  • $ 190.00 for a Two Hour Lesson